Stephen Fournier
Attorney at Law

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September 8, 2011

To the State's Attorney for the Judicial District of Hartford

I represent a delegation of Connecticut residents who express profound doubts about the conclusions of the official investigations conducted thus far into the events of September 11, 2001. What happened in New York City on that date was the most egregious act of mass murder in the history of our country, and one that could not have happened without elaborate planning. These events almost certainly involved people who are still at large in this country, possibly in our state, and yet the investigation never extended beyond a few named individuals, nearly all of whom died on that day.

At the heart of our skepticism is the evidence we witnessed with our eyes, as three New York skyscrapers collapsed into their cellars without resistance from their own structural steel components, a phenomenon that had never occurred before except in cases of controlled demolition. The official explanations for the collapses would fail an eighth-grade science test. Moreover, there are numerous witnesses, many of them interviewed on September 11 in front of television cameras, who heard explosions in the buildings before and after they were hit by aircraft.

Tiny spheres of iron were found in dust collected after the collapse of the buildings, along with residues of undetonated explosives, and witnesses reported molten metal in the debris days after the buildings collapsed, all strong indications that the buildings were brought down with incendiaries and explosives. The third building that collapsed on September 11 was never hit by an aircraft and had only a few small fires burning when it fell down at free-fall speed in the late afternoon of September 11. These facts have never been explained, and they constitute important evidence that the explanations offered by our government are false or incomplete.

It is acknowledged that any investigation would be hampered by a paucity of physical evidence. The steel and debris that accumulated at the site of the World Trade Center on that day were promptly removed and shipped for recycling, despite their obvious significance as critical evidence in a murder case involving thousands of victims. The people who made the decision to remove this critical evidence are walking our streets today. Their actions are certainly ripe for further investigation, but no prosecuting authority has ever taken them up.

The events of September 11 affected many citizens of our state directly and all of us indirectly. Our close physical proximity to New York and our firm social and economic ties to the people who live and work there justify the involvement of Connecticut law enforcement. New York's own authorities have ceded the responsibility for criminal justice in this case to proxies, and there is no prospect of further investigation or prosecution at any level of government. Connecticut citizens deserve better, and so we are petitioning a competent prosecuting authority to take appropriate action. Please keep me advised of the state's progress.