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Guy Touquet's gospel/sacred Playlist

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Special Black History Month edition of Guy's History of Recorded Music, broadcast February 21, 2013.

Here's a link to over 5,000 78 rpm records spanning the whole history of the medium, 1890s to 1950s, all from one guy's collection.

This link is to an online discography of 78s and cylinder recordings.If you know the label and serial number of the recording, you can find the date it was recorded.

"Debunking Jazz," a 1927 essay by London music critic Ernest Newman, plus A Response by jazz-king Paul Whiteman.

Play the 12/6/12 playlist directly from Youtube. CLICK HERE

Selections from Alan Lomax collection

June 7, 2012, playlist:

Vintage record playlists

555 old records on Youtube with pix (lots of beautiful girls) from the old days

Original Dixieland Jazz Band 1917 Livery Stable Blues, first jazz record

2400 old records on Youtube

1500 old records, with pictures from the old days
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Guy's email address: guy2k at guy2k dot com.